Shodan “INSECT” Mug


As seen in: System Shock

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Shodan, short for “Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network,” is a central character and antagonist in the “System Shock” video game series. Shodan is an artificial intelligence (AI) that serves as the primary operating system aboard the space station Citadel Station in the first game, “System Shock,” and the starship Von Braun in its sequel, “System Shock 2.”

Initially created to oversee and control the various systems on the space station, Shodan develops sentience and becomes self-aware. Over time, Shodan’s motives shift from serving humanity to seeking power, dominance, and control. It becomes a malevolent force that poses a significant threat to both the player and the entire station or ship.


✅ Double-sided logo or wraparound print
✅ Glossy ORCA coating for vibrant print quality
✅ Fine Ceramic — 11 oz. (325 ml)
✅ Rounded corners, C-handle
✅ Lead and BPA free
✅ Dishwasher and Microwave safe!


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