DELOS Incorporated


As seen in: Westworld


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Delos Inc. is a corporation in the near-future Westworld universe that was founded and run by James Delos. It has an apparent market cap in the hundreds of billions, using 2017 dollars. Delos appears to be a diversified conglomerate of which Delos Destinations is only a substantial part. By the end of Season 1, Delos and its subsidiaries have controlled Westworld more or less successfully for thirty years, initially saving it from financial trouble with a capital infusion, and then again at William’s suggestion.
It seems likely that the Argos Initiative was the sole equity holder of Westworld in the early day, but the exact sequence of events remains unclear. What is clear however, is that the park was acquired by Delos after Logan had the hosts demonstrated to him. Later on, after William had visited the park and met Dolores he convinced James to further invest in the park.

Delos Destinations, a subsidiary of Delos, operates Westworld (sometimes referred to in corporate communications as Park 1) and five other host-driven historical theme parks like it, such as Shogunworld (Park 2) and The Raj (Park 6) . All human employees at Westworld, including Robert Ford, are all officially Delos employees. William is a major Delos shareholder and board member. It is revealed in the Season Two that one of James’s motivations for investing in the park was to transfer his mind into a host in order to achieve immortality, as well as collect information on park guests, perhaps for similar purposes.

It isn’t known how long Delos has been active, but its investment in Westworld spans at least three decades and it appeared to already be a substantial company before then.

Delos Destinations, Inc. is the Delos subsidiary that oversees Westworld, including the hosts and the park. It is unclear whether the host IP is held by Delos Destinations, Delos Inc., or a third Delos entity. The corporation runs its theme parks from highly advanced control rooms and maintenance facilities, making sure everything is in accordance with a guest’s needs. Their theme parks are populated with Synthetic (formerly Robotic) characters called hosts, all of which are programmed and bound to follow their set narratives in their current personalities, completely unaware that the world around them, including their own lives, is an elaborate fiction created by Delos Destinations.

James Delos was born in Scotland and was known to have been a “self-made” man by founding the company of Delos. He also had at least two children: Logan and Juliet.