Cyberdyne Systems


As seen in:  Terminator, Terminator 2


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Cyberdyne (Cyber Dynamics Systems Corporation) is the fictional tech corporation that created the Skynet system in the Terminator franchise. Cyberdyne reverse-engineered the CPU chip from a crushed Series 800 Terminator to radically advance scientific progress, and create a powerful new microprocessor for weapons systems — and becoming a major contractor for the U.S. Military.

When Cyberdyne Systems originally created Skynet, the artificial intelligence unit became self-aware on August 29, 1997 — referred to after the fact as Judgment Day — wipes out most of the human race, leaving a disparate band of survivors with the singular goal of destroying the system and ending the war between humans and machines.

Cyberdyne Systems appears most prominently in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The corporation’s first appearance comes at the end of the first film as Sarah Connor, mother of mankind’s future savior, John Connor, defeats the T800 Terminator that was sent back in time to murder her before she could give birth to her son. The remains of the T800, a cybernetic are and a neural computer chip, is found inside the Cyberdyne factory and becomes an integral part in the company, through lead researcher Miles Dyson, in the creation of the Skynet system.

In an attempt to avert the future destruction, Dyson, Sarah Connor, her son John, and the reprogrammed T800 destroy all the research and equipment that would eventually create Skynet, with Dyson losing his life in the explosion of the main Cyberdyne offices.
In the ensuing three movies in the Terminator series, Cyberdyne Systems is relegated to nothing more than the inciting incident creating Skynet, with Skynet becoming more prominent and Judgement Day become delayed rather than fully stopped.