Stargate Rug


As seen in: Stargate

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Our large, 60″ diameter decorative Stargate rug features the Einstein-Rosen bridge portal device as seen in the SG universe. These portals first appeared in the 1994 film, and then in all Stargate television series afterwards. The rug itself is a 100% polyester chenille rug, featuring a coated backing and hemmed edges for durability.

The Stargate device is a large, circular portal that allows for instantaneous travel between different planets and galaxies. The Gate is activated by a unique set of coordinates that correspond to the location of another Gate. Once activated, the Gate creates a wormhole that can be traversed by humans and objects, and is typically guarded by a military organization known as the SGC.

==> Rug Details

.: 100% Polyester chenille
.: One size: 60″ × 60″ (152cm × 152cm)
.: Thickness: 0.25” (6mm)
.: Hemmed edges
.: Durable textured face

==> Shipping & Production

These rugs are made to order, typically taking 3-8 business days to create, and are printed & shipped from the United States of America worldwide with tracking.

Delivery estimates:
USA: 2-6 days
CAN: 4-10 days
Rest of the World: 1-3 weeks

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