Lefty’s Bar Whiskey Glass


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Our Lefty’s Bar whiskey glasses are perfect as a fun gift, bar essential, or prop for a special event. These come in one size: 6oz (0.17l), which fits into the whiskey-glass standard in hospitality.

.: Material: 100% glass
.: One size: 6oz (0.17l)
.: Glossy print
.: Hand wash only!

Printed in, and shipped from, the United States of America worldwide with tracking.

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Lefty’s Bar is a fictional location in the classic video game series “Leisure Suit Larry.” It is a seedy, dimly-lit dive bar located in the city of Lost Wages, which is a parody of Las Vegas. The bar’s exterior is adorned with neon signs, including a “Lefty’s Bar” sign in pink lettering. Upon entering the bar, players are greeted with a smoky, dark atmosphere, and the sound of classic jazz and blues music playing in the background. The bar is filled with a variety of colorful characters, including shady-looking patrons and a surly bartender named Lefty. The decor includes a pool table, a jukebox, and a variety of alcohol bottles lining the walls behind the bar. Throughout the game, Lefty’s Bar serves as a key location for Larry to meet other characters, gather information, and complete various tasks.

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