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Hydro flasks are a hot commodity right now! Quench your thirst with one of FictionalCompanies’ new 32 oz. (950ml) vacuum-sealed, 10.25″ tall tumblers — made in stainless steel, with the design laser-etched into the front.

These stainless steel water bottles can keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours, or warm for up to 5 hours. They’re heavy duty and far more eco-friendly than plastic — making them ideal for everything from the office and school, to hiking and the great outdoors.

— ➡️ Fictional Company Details —

Aperture Science Innovators, also known as Aperture Science and Aperture Laboratories, is a fictional corporation from the Portal and Portal 2 (and also Half-Life) universe. Founded by Cave Johnson — former shower curtain salesman and salt mine owner — Aperture Laboratories is also used as a trade name by Aperture Science for most of its products. Before the 1970s, the corporation was known as Aperture Science Innovators.

— ➡️ Product Details —

32oz. Water Bottle Tumblers feature stainless steel double-wall construction, vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers. The removable lid has an easy flip top with interior straw (also easily removable for washing) for convenience. The soft rubber holder along with textured sweat-free powdercoat make this water bottle the gold standard for drinks on the go!

• Tumbler Brand – Polar Camel
• Removable Lid with Straw
• Size: 10.25″ Tall; 3.25″ Base Diameter
• BPA and Lead Free
• Hand Wash Only
• Do Not Microwave!!!

— ➡️ Shipping Details —

Orders typically shipped within 2-5 business days WITH TRACKING via USPS. Please note there may be slight delays due to Covid-19.

Delivery estimates:

United States: 2-6 days after creation
CAN / UK / AU: 4-10 days after creation
Rest of World: 1-3 weeks

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